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Pope Francis urges communicators to ‘speak with the heart’

Pope Francis encouraged communicators to ‘speak with the heart’ to curb escalation of war in the message for the 57th World Day of Social Communications published on January 24.

In continuation with the previous year’s theme ‘Listen with the ear of the heart,’ the Pope said, “I would like to focus on “speaking with the heart”. It is the heart that spurred us to go, to see and to listen, and it is the heart that moves us towards an open and welcoming way of communicating.”

The Vatican published the Papal Message on the Feast of St. Francis De Sales, the patron saint of journalists, on the theme “Speaking with the heart” at Saint John Lateran, Rome.

The Catholic Church observes the World Day of Social Communications on the Sunday before Pentecost, which falls this year on May 21, all over the world.

Pope Francis encourages communicators to speak from the heart and not to pursue hostile communications that could lead to toxic relationships and hatred.

The Pope recalled Jesus’ dialogue with the disciples on their way to Emmaus as Jesus spoke with love, and accompanied and respected them by proposing Himself rather than imposing.

He encouraged not only to the communicators but also everyone to communicate “with open heart and arms” in a historical time marked by polarizations and contrasts to which the church community is not immune.

The Pope acclaimed the patron saint of Catholic journalists, St. Francis De Sales, for offering communicators a worthwhile example of “humanity” and willingness to dialogue patiently with everyone.

Pope Francis said that communication was a “reflection of the soul” and a manifestation of love for St. Francis De Sales.

The Pope emphasized that “speaking with the heart is essential to foster a culture of peace” in the conflict areas and “to allow for dialogue and reconciliation” in hatred and enmity.

He encourages “to maintain a form of communication that is not hostile.”

Pope Francis said the war escalation that humanity fears “must be stopped as as soon as possible, including at the level of communication” because the words could change into warlike actions of violence.

He noted, “We need communicators who are open to dialogue, engaged in promoting integral disarmament, and committed to undoing the belligerent psychosis that nests in our hearts.”

He reminded to stop the hostile speech and ideological propaganda that manipulates the truth. Instead, he encouraged conflict-resolution conversation.

Pope Francis prayed for the Journalists and for all communicators to be clear, open and heartfelt communicators who listen to the beating of hearts, who rediscover themselves as brothers and sisters as well as protectors of one another. – With inputs from Vatican News

originally published at https://www.rvasia.org/vatican-news/pope-francis-urges-communicators-speak-heart

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