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Empowering Synod Asia Communication: FABC OSC Sets up Advisory Committee and Announces Workshops for Journalists and Translators

[10 Aug. 2023] – The Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences Office of Social Communication (FABC OSC) has launched a number of initiatives to promote communication of the Synod in Asia. These include constituting of an Advisory Committee for Synod Asia Communication and two workshops- one for a network of journalists from Asia, and another for translators in Asia’s diverse vernacular languages. These effort are aimed at effectively contributing to make the Synodal process better known in the local churches and the faithful across Asia.

1. Network of Young Journalists for Synod Asia: Empowering Voices Across the Continent
The Network of Young Journalists workshop seeks to engage and train talented media enthusiasts from local churches across Asia to contribute to the Synod’s communication journey. Participants will gain the opportunity to create diverse and engaging content, including reports, features, interviews, short videos, artwork, and testimonies. The resulting content will be showcased on the official Synod Asia website, www.synod2023.org, fostering a comprehensive and dynamic source of Synod-related information.

Eligible candidates, comprising media professionals, media students, and young priests or religious with media skills, are invited to join this initiative. Applicants must possess proficiency in English and an understanding of digital and social media platforms. The workshop promises to provide essential training to participants, equipping them to contribute effectively to the Synod Asia communication landscape.

To enroll in the Network of Young Journalists for Synod Asia, interested individuals can fill out the Network of Journalists Google Form. The application deadline is August 20, 2023.

2. Translation Capacity Building: Bridging Language Barriers for Synod Asia
FABC OSC recognizes the importance of breaking down language barriers to ensure the fruits of Synod Asia reach every corner of the continent. The Translation Capacity Building workshop is designed to equip a team of persons proficient in English and any one of the major Asian languages with the skills to translate Synod content. Our efforts to make Synod-related information accessible in various vernacular languages, aligns with the Synod on Synodality’s vision of inclusive participation.

Collaborating with the Episcopal Conferences of Asia, FABC OSC aims to prepare skilled translators for this as well as other work of translating pastoral literature. The workshop will comprise of online sessions in September, and participants will gain theoretical perspectives, practical insights, and tools necessary for effective translation.

To enroll in the Translators Workshop for Synod Asia, interested individuals can fill out the Translators Workshop Google Form. The application deadline is August 20, 2023.

For those interested in contributing to the Translation Capacity Building workshop, FABC OSC invites you to stay tuned for further details and registration information.

These workshops underscore our commitment to fostering vibrant Synod communication across Asia. We believe that by empowering journalists and translators, we can amplify diverse voices, bridge linguistic gaps, and truly engage every member of our faith community.  

With these workshops, FABC OSC is embracing innovative approaches to ensure that the Synod Asia message transcends boundaries, resonates with all, and reflects the rich diversity of the Church in Asia.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:
Fr. George Plathottam sdb
Executive Secretary, FABC OSC

About FABC Office of Social Communication (FABC OSC)
The FABC Office of Social Communication (FABC OSC) is dedicated to facilitating effective communication within the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC) and across Asia. FABC OSC aims to enhance the reach and impact of Synod Asia communication by harnessing the power of media and technology.

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