FABC OSC Announces Workshop to Support Translation of Pastoral Literature


September 4, 2023, Bangkok

The FABC Office of Social Communications (OSC) is organising an online workshop, Sept 6-16 to provide orientation for translators with a view to advance efforts in the vernacular translation of pastoral literature, particularly in relation to the forthcoming Synod Assembly  in Rome this October. The  workshop will be attended by 18 participants from eight languages.

Executive Secretary of FABC OSC, Fr George Plathottam sdb, said the program is aimed at bringing to the people in the local churches information about the Synod and the various messages of the Holy Father, so that they are able to participate in the global events in the Church.

This workshop holds considerable promise for enhancing  access to pastoral information, especially press dispatches and other relevant communication from the Synod, in the vernacular languages of Asia.

“We are optimistic that this workshop will empower translators to make pastoral messages reach the people of Go in the local communities across Asia,” said Fr George Plathottam sdb. The FABC OSC plans to hold a full in-house workshop for major Asian languages in 2024 for building greater competence of the language committees of the FABC member conferences, he said.

The FABC OSC has launched a digital platform (asia.synod2023.org) where information on the Synod related to Asia, including vernacular texts, can be accessed.

Fr George Plathottam sdb
Executive Secretary, FABC OSC