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Statement of the Pastoral Literature Translation Workshop

We, the participants of the Pastoral Literature Translation Workshop organized by the FABC Office of Social Communication, gathered in Bangkok, Thailand, from 4-10 June 2024, are grateful for the opportunity to share, learn, and collaborate on the vital task of translating pastoral literature. Our time together has been enriching and has reaffirmed our commitment to make the teachings of the Church accessible to all faithful across Asia.

As we conclude this workshop, we collectively resolve to:

1. Enhance collaboration: Foster stronger collaboration among translators, editors, and publishers within the Asian Church to share resources, best practices, and support each other’s efforts.

2. Ensure accuracy: Commit to the highest standards of accuracy and fidelity in translating pastoral documents, ensuring that the teachings of the Church are conveyed correctly and clearly.

3. Promote cultural sensitivity: Respect and incorporate the diverse cultural contexts of our communities in our translations, making the materials more relatable and impactful.

4. Support training and development: Provide ongoing training and development opportunities for translators by establishing an extended team to enhance their skills and stay updated with best practices in translation and communication.

5. Increase accessibility: Work towards making pastoral literature available in multiple formats, including print, digital, and audio, to reach a wider audience.

6. Engage the young people: Develop strategies to engage and involve young people in the translation and dissemination of pastoral literature, leveraging their unique perspectives and technological skills, and inculcating in them ‘the reading culture.’

7. Foster innovation: Encourage the use of innovative technologies and methodologies in translation to improve efficiency and reach, including the use of translation software and online collaboration tools.

8. Strengthen communication: Improve communication channels between the FABC Office of Social Communication and regional bodies to ensure timely updates and cohesive efforts in pastoral literature translation.

9. Evaluate impact: Regularly assess the impact of translated materials on local communities and gather feedback to continuously improve the quality and relevance of our work.

10. Deepen spiritual connection: Root our translation efforts in prayer and spiritual reflection, recognizing that our work is a ministry aimed at bringing people closer to God.

We leave this workshop competent and committed to these resolutions, knowing that our collective efforts will enrich the spiritual lives of the faithful across Asia. Together, we will continue to build a vibrant and connected Church through the power of pastoral literature.

In our Lord Jesus Christ and Mary, and seeking the intercession of Saint Jerome, the Patron of the Translators

The Participants of the Pastoral Literature Translation Workshop

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